VR16SP4 v2

VR16SP4 v2

Human have evolved to both living inside the cave with fire lights at night and doing activities under the sun much longer than under any artificial lights, let alone LED lighting. The Black Body  radiator and the sun have been the golden standard for comparing light quality. Standard low CRI LED is too far off from what we call natural light. While CRI measurements to quantify artificial light quality still evolving, what is seen by the eyes is what really matters. Seeing is believing as no cameras can really capture the quality of high CRI LEDs. You have to see it for yourself 


We only sell "known" trusted products with manufacturer's  part number/specification. No more lottery or guessing. You get exactly what is written (within spec's tolerance of course). 


This site is geared towards providing a source of high-quality LED and MCPCB for lighting enthusiasts and premium flashlights DIY-ers. Started as a hobby, the passion to provide the best remains the same.

Most of the LED found here are hard to get online elsewhere. We obtain them directly from the manufacturer with special request (mostly) based from our discerning friends in BLF. The MCPCB also custom made to our specifications to give the best combination of performance, reliability, and cost; although, we often forgo the latter.

Note: Just in case you are not aware, BLF refers to Budget Light Forum at It's a great forum full of nice  and like-minded people towards LED lighting. You will meet some of the brightest brainiacs in there alongside the foremost experts in LED lighting.


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