UPDATE 171222, 15:28 GMT +8:

Newer Nichia reels don't have voltage rank printed.



UPDATE 171024, 06:15 GMT +8:

Hi friends, I'll be out of town from 171028 - 171102. Any orders placed during the time will be processed  in 171103. Thank you.

UPDATE 171015, 13:38 GMT +8:

Hi guys, I messed up with the shipping cost for some areas such as USA, Canada, Germany, etc…
I tried to add Express International shipping option due to problem experienced by Gunga in Canada Post Office. But…. I forgot to include the usual USD 5 Economy Shipping option back in place. It’s fixed now.
So, anyone who couldn’t opt for economy shipping can try again. I’ve sent messages to those already placed the order within the last two days just in case you guys want to opt down for lower shipping cost.

- The Economy International shipping has been very reliable especially to US and Europe. But the tracking number isn’t the best. In most cases you can only get “rough” delayed update status. Usually the update goes like this: Bali – Jakarta – (Transit country) – (Destination country) – (delivered/received/returned by the buyer)
- The Express International shipping has a much better updater and almost twice as fast delivery time.

The only shipment problems so far are:
- Macedonia: 33 days delivery time
- Canada (Gunga): He didn’t get the packet for 2 months. Later found, the packet misplaced in the Canada Post office. He hasn’t give me further confirmation about this.
- Russia: most deliveries arrived close or more than 30 days. I checked and usually the packets were spent rather long days in Russian custom.

If you really want to get detailed status of your stuff, even using the cheaper Economy International shipping, you can try to send email to: sunsetroadpostoffice@yahoo.com(link sends e-mail)
Expect UP to 5 days delay though.



UPDATE: 170922. 18:02 GMT +8

  • All 219C sm503-D240-L2-R9050 stock from 2017-08-27 are actually sm503-D240-L1-R9050. This is a good thing for most applications, but some don't like too low of a voltage for direct driving. The listing updated accordingly.

Quick reference:

  • M1: 3,1 - 3,3 V @700mA

  • L2: 2,9 - 3,1 V @ 700mA

  • L1: 2,7 - 2,9 V @ 700mA




UPDATE 170727. 16:17 GMT +8:

  • If you missed 219BT-V1 (sw40 and sw45k) during last night sale, you can still PM me [10 pcs/type/BLF-er]. I will hold them until 170803, beyond this date, I'll throw them back to the sharks in my store.


UPDATE 170726. 21:43 GMT +8:

  • Hi all, the sale will start in 170726 at around 00:00 GMT +8, midnight my time (~3 hours from now). HERE(link is external)

  • I will try to work as fast as I can to complete everything tonight.

  • Expect delay in the first batch as this time I have to do it myself between my daily activities. 
    Although I have a total of 600 pcs of 219BT-V1 (sw45k and sw40) and 900 pcs of E21As/219Cs/319As, I will reserve some of the LED just in case there would be any 219B rush like the last time. I think this is the best option to prioritize BLF-ers who have waited for too long and possibly misses this round. The reserved LED will be available only to BLF-ers by sending me PM via BLF.

  • I will restock the listings later in my website if there's still any left.

  • Due to technical reasons I don't ship to Middle East and Africa countries, PM me just to make sure.


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