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One of the most practical and robust headlamp to fit most applications from EDC-ing to serious outdoor activities. It's small size and built-in magnetic charger also make it indispensable for active travellers.


Check here for OEM spec.

- Quadtrix E21A on VR16SP4 MCPCB. Guaranteed very high CRI. Actual test by member Maukka in BLF, showed the CRI of all those CCTs are all actually at or above R9080.

- Optional LED CCT: choose from drop-down list

- Matte white internals. This increase headlamp's glow and OTF output in 120° direction in firefly modes significantly.

- Modified TIR optic for higher OTF output: choose from drop-down list

- Removal of OEM excessive thermal paste, less is better.

- 2x 24 AWG silicone LED wires (was 28 AWG) equivalent to 18 AWG for longer regulated runtime.

- Permanent thread-locker replaced with removable grade for easier battery tube swaps to higher capacity 18650 battery tube if needed.

- Special edition with black bezel and pocket clip with no logo and branding in the head part.


Included in the package:

- Headband

- Handband

- Headlamp bracket (quick release type)

- Spare O-ring (x2)

- Pocket clip

- USB charging cable


- OEM Manual

- OEM carton box


Battery is not included! Battery air shipment is highly restricted in Indonesia.

High CRI Armytek Tiara C1 Pro [Magnet USB]

  • This is a made to order product. Shipment date will be around early December 2018