XP20 V2 Features:

- Copper MCPCB for XP series, XT-E, 3535, 219

- Direct thermal path

- Gold plated pads and copper core

- Flat bottom surface

- Diameter: 20.6mm, Thickness: 1.6mm


Noctigon boards run the LEDs much cooler allowing a longer lifespan or higher driving currents. The boards can be soldered to brass, copper or other materials eliminating the typical thermal paste or typical thermal glue which has a very low thermal conductivity, thus creating an exceptional thermal path for your LEDs. As a result of a lower LED temperature, brightness is increased especially towards the max official current ratings or above.

Noctigon XP20

  • For additional cost, we can solder any suitable LED(s) on the MCPCB. Please buy the LED(s) first and then buy the soldering service. We'll reflow the MCPCB using LED in your cart.


    Use the product picture and leave the instruction in the "special instruction" field (optional). Check here


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